We all have battles we fight on the inside

A war above neck and behind the smile

A conflict in our head

Shadows live there

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Your Waters


I dip my toes into your waters


A chill runs down my spine


A coalesce of both fear and pleasure


The beating in my chest hastens its pace


“You excite me”

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My tower

My tower stood tall

Its walls impenetrable

With a labyrinthine network of tortuous thorns

In its innermost chambers I hid my heart

A heart that bore scars of battles faced.

No one shall get through this

In the past everyone I let in, left me in distress

I am safe now.

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we are constantly in search of light

In this light, we believe we find happiness

We wander around searching; ignoring what is already within our grasp

There’s an abyss

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The modern African woman


Photo credit: Ngozi Ejionueme

Her eyes tell a story,

They hold a lot of truth about our history,

She’s up before sunrise, the career woman struggling to keep a balance between the delicate scales of family and work.

Beads of sweat gather above her eyebrows and drip down the slope of her back.

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My mind fell in love

Photo credit:Ngozi Ejionueme

I am certain my mind fell in love today, our thoughts intertwined so beautifully.

My mind fell in with love yours, your words still buzz around my head like hovering sparks of electricity.

You left but your presence remained with me dauntingly,

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Zeniah’s story

This morning was different; I sensed it from the very moment I woke up. The noise was gone, the constant reminder of the menace that exists beyond these walls. I looked around the room; they were all still asleep lying on their mats, with tear streaked faces masked with red dust. I met the gaze of my mother, she didn’t sleep. She rarely ever does these days. She was different too, everything was.

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