‘Kanem is derived from the name Ekanem, which just happens to be my surname.

I love writing and fashion design, I also love reading, and I believe to be a writer that you should also read. These are things that I am very passionate about and this is a platform through which I intend to share these passions with you.

I currently run a fashion brand called ‘Kanem , there is more information in the quoted text below.

Francine Ekanem is the creative director and founder of the eponymous fashion brand ‘Kanem. She is a self-taught fashion designer and is currently an undergraduate of microbiology in Babcock University. She is also a writer and has several of her works featured on creative platforms; she is a gold certificate holder of the 2016 Royal Commonwealth Essay Competition.

‘Kanem was launched in the middle of October 2016 and was created to serve as a creative outlet for fashion design projects that are either made or curated by her, which are ethically and enthusiastically made in Nigeria.

‘Kanem believes that change is inevitable and is an inherent part of our existence here on earth, the driving principle is to stay open minded to this change but not lose ourselves and our inviduality and uniqueness in this constantly moving flux of change.

We should embrace this change but don’t let it be the basis by which we define ourselves and who we are.

Proudly Nigerian

I am also writer. Writing is magical and is probably man’s first glimpse of time travel, you get to escape reality for a while into the unexplored realms of your mind and it is an awesome form of self-expression. Reading allows you to go past the limitations of reality and actually reach into a person’s mind. Writing gives you some kind of immortality (I know I sound crazy) because even though death takes away your body, it can’t take away the pieces of your soul that you put into writing.

It is a journey of the mind.

Take this journey with me.


_ Francine Ekanem

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