We all have battles we fight on the inside

A war above neck and behind the smile

A conflict in our head

Shadows live there

They scream that you’re alone

A flood of emotions threaten to spill

Through the windows of our souls

We hold them back but it doesn’t help with the pain.

It just stings even more.

We all have these battles we face

It isn’t wrong to let the flood loose once in a while

It doesn’t make you any less strong

Or less of whom you are

In an attempt to mute the war cries in our heads

We drown out the voices in our head with irrelevances

With things that aren’t exactly good for you

Those guilty little pleasures

But this war scraping away at your mind

And challenging your sanity has to be numbed

All you want is for it to stop

In all of this chaos

Find comfort in these words…

“You are not alone”

_ Francine Ekanem

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