I dip my toes into your waters


A chill runs down my spine


A coalesce of both fear and pleasure


The beating in my chest hastens its pace


“You excite me”

My morals, values and all forms of logical reasoning are neatly folded and tucked away under a rock.


My better judgement is screaming at me to put my shoes back on and run


“You are going to drown”


I push this voice to the back of my head,


And I listen to you instead.


Your voice calm and soothing like vanilla ice cream laced with bourbon.


The moon light reflects of the surface of your perfectly still waters, making this encounter seem so surreal.


There’s an enthralling glint in your eyes.


“It’s no big deal” you say


Giving me some form of reassurance,


Softly leading me further into your waters


I know my instincts aren’t wrong


You will be my undoing.


My eyes search the surface for a hint of danger, I see none.


Your playful grin distorts my ability to think


I hesitate,


You grin again


I sigh.


The current draws me in,


There’s no going back now,


I’m swimming in your waters,


I breathe you,


I’m drenched with your waters,


My whole being tingles with exhilaration,


I bring my cupped hands to my lips and drink,


You intoxicate me,


I’m floating,


Sensations overwhelm me


Enveloped in your waters


A puppet and its master


Moments pass


Your playful grin melts away


The enthralling glint in your eyes fades


Your soothing voice like vanilla


Goes silent


Your beautiful waters grow cold


I feel heavier


A cold wave of realization hits me


I’m drowning


I look towards you in desperation


You aren’t there


No trace of you


You’re gone


I’m all alone.






                                          _ Francine Ekanem








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