My tower stood tall

Its walls impenetrable

With a labyrinthine network of tortuous thorns

In its innermost chambers I hid my heart

A heart that bore scars of battles faced.

No one shall get through this

In the past everyone I let in, left me in distress

I am safe now.

That was when you came

You called unto me, your voice echoed through

But that only chased me further into my hiding place

To my dismay, you came the next day and the day after that

“He will go away, they always do” I said to myself

Weeks rolled into months but you still lay by my door beckoning……

I was drawn to my window by the sound of rustling and grunts.

Behold I saw you climbing, the thorns tearing your flesh and digging deep into your bleeding hands.

I could not help but marvel at your determination

I leaned further out the window to catch a good glimpse of this unfortunate soul.

I leaned a little too far and I fell from my tower

I fell for you.


_ Francine

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