Photo credit: Ngozi Ejionueme

Her eyes tell a story,

They hold a lot of truth about our history,

She’s up before sunrise, the career woman struggling to keep a balance between the delicate scales of family and work.

Beads of sweat gather above her eyebrows and drip down the slope of her back.

Trampled upon by society and traditional gender roles, her back is heavily laden with responsibility and expectations she is often looked down upon as a weak vessel.

She still bends her back in humility and gracefully goes about fulfilling her responsibilities.

She is resilient and strong- willed, she needs no man to depend upon.

She is passionate and determined and burns with a love for success and positivity.

Today we celebrate the modern African woman in all her beauty.

We celebrate her strength, bravery, resourcefulness, confidence, elegance, intelligence and most of all her passion for life.



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